Steam Autumn Deals

27-11-2020 00:14:59

Steam Autumn sales start at 21:00 tonight

According to SteamDB, new games that were released in the second or third quarter of this year and are not included in the discounts, along with the Autumn sales, may be on sale. Again, according to SteamDB, Autumn sales will start at 21:00 tonight and will continue until December, the end date is not clear, most likely will occur when the discounts start.

With the start of these discounts, the Steam Awards 2020 vote will be presented to the players and you will be able to vote the games you love in the categories in which they appear.

There will also be two new categories, "Best Soundtrack" and "Sit Back and Relax." It will enter Autumn sales in the Epic Games Store. Epic Games Store Autumn sales will start at 19:00 on November 26 and last until December 3.